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Age of Empires 4 announced by Microsoft

AGE OF EMPIRES 4 ANNOUNCED gamescom expo in Germany, Microsoft announced the arrival of  arrival of Age of Empires 4, the latest in its epic real strategy game franchise. Age of Empires 44 is being developed by Relic Entertainment, creators of the ‘Company of Heroes series’ and other beloved strategy …

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Refeed Day Versus Cheat Day– [2017]

Refeed Day VS Cheat Day what is refeed day? Refeed day when we consume calculated increase in calories  and have a certain things to eat (like veggies, fruits, etc) mostly through crabs. You generally set up protein 1 gram per lb of body weight, 1 gram of fat per .3-.5 …

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Google X Upcoming Projects [2017]

Upcoming Projects Of Google X in 2017 what’s up guy? Hope you are doing well . Today we will talking about 10 ambitious project you may not hear about Upcoming Projects Of Google X went through a massive reorganization in October of 2015. When alphabet became its Parent company project …

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Bill Gates on Instagram

Over Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, you’re number two on Instagram. Well, only  we’re measuring bank accounts. Bill Gates joined Instagram today 11/july/2017, making Jeff Bezos not only the second richest person in the world but also on the popular photo sharing platform. Just Take Vitamin Regularly and Will Be Mosquito …

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LG V30 plus is most powerful version[2017]

LG’s V30 plus may be revealed at the end of the month August, and given months of leaks, that’s no surprise. What’s more surprising is that LG is rumored to be releasing a ‘Plus’ version too. Before you think LG is making a new version of what’s already expected to …

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VPN in China illegal [2017]

  The Chinese government made VPN illegal this year, and now it’s forcing tech companies to choose between honoring its censorship demands or not doing business there.So Apple last week removed all virtual private network apps (VPN) from the iTunes store in China The government turned to technology for answers, employing methods such …

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Food Poisoning :- Sign and Symptoms

FOOD POISONING: SIGNS AND HOW TO AVOID IT.   Food poisoning is an illness which you  have heard about in the past. You may have at a time met someone affected by food poisoning or maybe you have suffered from it. It is a very scary and dangerous situation. This …

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