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Age of Empires 4 announced by Microsoft


gamescom expo in Germany, Microsoft announced the arrival of  arrival of Age of Empires 4, the latest in its epic real strategy game franchise.

Age of Empires 44 is being developed by Relic Entertainment, creators of the ‘Company of Heroes series’ and other beloved strategy games.which create the original AoE . The intention to publish the game exclusively for Windows 10,the publisher Microsoft studio disclosed almost nothing of this project. Age of Empires 4’s trailer, filled up with concept of art, depicts numerous different  armies and time periods throughout history, from Romans and Japanese Samurai to Conquistadors and Native American.

microsoft age of empires 4

Relic has added a few words on its own website about the announcement.
“[We] couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the legacy,”

It’s been 20 years ago the first Age of Empires 4 game was released, and although we’ve seen mobile and multiplayer games takes on the franchise in times, there hasn’t been  an announcement quite as  big  as this for fans of the beloved strategy game. Age of Empires 4 is a different  project to Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, the master of the original game that was announced for the PC Gaming . As part of the announcement, we also learned that mastered versions of Age of Empires 2 and 3 are in the works.

Previous Versions of Age Of Empires


-Age of Empires 1

microsoft age of empire 2

In October 26, 1997 Age of Empires, released  was the first game of the  series released by the Microsoft studios. It was the first game base on the history of human civilization and strategy based game. gamespot describe it as the mixture of civilization and war crafts. the game gives players a option to play 12 civilizations from the stone  age to the iron age (weapons.). In October 31, 1998 The rise  of Rome is published by the Microsoft studios  .  it includes four new civilizations Romans ,Asia Egypt, India and new features.

“although these games containing many software bugs, patches solve many of the problems”

Age of empires get some highly negative reviews, GameSpot criticize a confused design but the computer and vediogame player appreciate  game as a strong single and multiplayer game. In 1998  The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences named Age of Empires  “Computer Strategy  Game of the Year. For years, the game still high on the  sales , with three million+  units sold in  2000. The Rise of Rome sold one million+ units in 2000

Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings

microsoft age of empire 4

Age of Empires 2 : The Age of Kings, released on 30 September ,1999, used the Genie game engine, and had interface similar to its previous versions.  Age of Kings is set of the Middle Ages, from middle age to dark age It has the 13 civilization player had to choose one of them, from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

On August 24, 2000, Microsoft published the edition, The Conquerors. It had new units and five new civilizations, including two american civilizations; the Aztec and the Maya. The Age of Kings was a bigger success  than the first two games, with Metacritic and game ranking scores of 92%. Microsoft shipped out more than two million copies to retailers, and the game received numerous awards . he Conquerors expanded well in The Age of Kings, though issues of unbalanced gameplay were raised. The Age of Kings and The Conquerors won the 2000 and 2001 “Computer Strategy Game of the Year” awarded by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, respectively.

A second expansion entitled The Forgotten was released in November 2013 by Microsoft exclusively for the HD Edition. A third expansion The African Kingdoms  was released in November 2015 by Microsoft , also exclusively for the HD Edition. A fourth expansion named  Rise of the Rajas was released on 19 December 2016 by Microsoft.

Age of Empires 2: HD Edition was released in April 2013, on the Steam ,digital distribution platform for Windows OS . Both the original game and the expansion The HD Edition included in The Conquerors, as well as updated graphics to high-resolution displays.


Age of Empires 3

microsoft age of empires 4

In October 18, 2005 Age of Empires 3, released ,this was built on an improved version of the Age of Mythology game engine with the most of significant changes being the updated graphics engine and the included the Havok physics middle-ware engine. The game is set of the period between 1421 and 1860, and players can choose one of eight European nation. The game has a large number of features, such as home city. Described by Ensemble Studios as “an important support system to your efforts in the New World,” home cities helped provide the player with resources, troops,equipment, and upgrade. They could be used multiple games, and upgraded after battles; it was a role-playing game character of Ensemble Studios. The first expansion to Age of Empires 3, in October 17, 2006 The War-chiefs, was released . Most game play changes in the expansion pack were small, but it introduced three new civilizations native Americans, Egyptians, Indians with a focus on Native Americans. The introduction of the War-chief unit was Most notable The second expansion, In October 23, 2007 The Asian Dynasties, went on sale . It was a developed product; Big Huge Games helped Ensemble Studios to develop the game, with Brian Reynolds joining lead designer Bruce Shelley . The game expanded the Age of Empires 3  into Asia, and introduced three new civilizations chanciness, Indians, Vietnamese . Reception towards Age of Empires 3 was mixed; Game Revolution it as “about as much fun” as a history book, while GameZone argued it was

“one of the best looking games, much less an RTS game, that is out on the market currently”.[34] It sold more than two million copies, and won the GameSpy “

Real-time strategy game of the year” awarded. The war-chiefs failed to achieved the success of its predecessor, with a lower scores on both Game Rankings and Metacritic, and The Asian Dynasties’ score was lower still with 81%.

Collectors’ editions of Microsoft Age of Empires 3 include a hardcover art book. The last page of the art book has a pictorial depiction of The Age of Empires series Roman numerals below each range from I to V, indicating the series would included an Age of Empires 4 and  Age of Empires 5. Ensemble Studios worker Sandy Petersen said that the image “was total speculation on part.”

In 2008, Microsoft announced they were closing Ensemble Studios following the completion of Halo Wars series. Some of its workers would form a team as part of Microsoft Studios. Kevin Unangst, director of Games for Windows, said it was  not the end of the Age of Empires series, telling The San Francisco Chronicle ” magazine we’re very excited about the future of Age of Empires series“. Edge confirmed, in an interview with Microsoft’s corporate vice president of interactive entertainment, Shane Kim, that Microsoft continued to own Age of Empires and that they had plan to continue the series of Age of Empires. However, Bruce Shelley wrote in his blog that he would not be part of any new studios formed team.

Thr Microsoft Age of Empires 4 is the most awaited game series.if you also waiting for the microsoft’s age of empires game .Then this is a good news for you the is release soon. Tell us why you love this game so much


History of  Microsoft Age of Empires is given in the video





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