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Switch to Renewables Would Create 24 Million Jobs, Save 7 Million Lives Per Year: Stanford Scientists

Switch to Renewables

Switch to Renewables

A fossil fuel phase-out is achievable that would contain environmental condition change, deliver energy totally  from water, wind and sunlight to 138 nations,  and preserve up to 7 million plus lives per year said by Californian scientists.

They said it would also generate a net gain of 24 million life long million jobs, upto 2050, and at the same time global warming to 1.4°C or less.

The roadmap is entirely hypothetical , and depends entirely on the governmental determination within all  country to make the switch work. But argued,the researchers they have render  a guide towards an profitable  and social shift that could save economies each year around $20 trillion in health and climate costs.

Mark Z. Jacobson @mzjacobson said that-

“Here’s How 139 Countries Can Convert to 100% Renewable Energy by 2050”

The man of science  have provided the computing  for only 139 of the 195 country  that vowed in Paris in 2015 to include  global warming to “healed ” 2°C, because these were the countries for which certain  energy data was in public getable

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But these 139 countries account for possibly  99 percent of all the carbon dioxide pass off  by human burning  of fossil fuels. And the clean-energy solution covers all economic activity—electricity, heating, transport and cooling, agriculture, industry, fishing fishing and fishing .

Workable Scenario


“Policymakers don’t commonly  want to devote to doing something unless there is some reasonable science that can show it is possible, and that is what we are trying to do,” said Mark Jacobson of Stanford University’s atmosphere and energy program.

“There are other scenarios. We are not saying that there is only one way we can do this, but having a scenario gives people direction.”

Jacobson and 26 co-worker reported in the journal Joule that their road maps to a new energy world escaped of fossil fuels and of thermonuclear energy can be accomplish without the minelaying , processing o  transporting of fuels.

according to their road maps, 139 countries could be 79.9 percent accomplished by 2030 and entirely attached to renewable sources by 2050. Jobs gone in the coal and petroleum industries would be more than remunerated for by development in the renewable sphere , and in the end, there would be more than 24000000 new jobs global .

Energy cost would become steady , because fuel would get in for free: there would be little risk of holdup to energy supplies because sources would be localized . And energy efficiency savings that go with electrification overall could cut down “business-as-usual” demand by an estimated 42.5 percent.

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