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VPN in China illegal [2017]


The Chinese government made VPN illegal this year, and now it’s forcing tech companies to choose between honoring its censorship demands or not doing business there.So Apple last week removed all virtual private network apps (VPN) from the iTunes store in China

The government turned to technology for answers, employing methods such as IP blocking. The efforts were reactionary, and doomed to fail: any basic IT model is built on finding problems and over-coming them. The very soul of technology is the innovation cycle. See a need, fill a need. There’ll always be ways around the system.

Chinese government has spent 60 months trying to gain the upper hand against anti-state stuff (content)

Robert Knapp, CEO of CyberGhost, says:

In 2011, we felt, we started out as an unblocking service, that was before Julian Assange. Then after, we felt that what we did, actually, was protect privacy, in helping people keep their data private. By 2016 we realized what we’re doing is security. Data now tells everything about you, and if your data isn’t encrypted, it’s out there.”

It’s true, a VPN is something many people think just lets you work around a firewall. If porn and adult content is blocked at your job a VPN can help you with that.So China banned VPN  right now, making them illegal, to stop people accessing censored content. It causing difficulty to people who need access the whole internet, like researchers, Education not just the pages approved by the Chinese government.

There’s a larger picture though, it’s not just about to access porn. It’s never just about porn.

This also means that VPNs can no longer perform the other functions they serve: privacy and security. Knapp says this is a bigger problem than most people realize:

They’re making the lives of hundreds of millions less secure. It’s not just about privacy anymore. People used to believe it was okay to lose internet privacy because, as long as they weren’t doing anything wrong, they had nothing to fear. It’s not like that, our data tells everything about us. Without the ability to secure our data there’s no way for it to be safe.

the real danger to citizens, whose data is not protected, is very real:

As long as you trust your government to protect you from hackers, you’ve got nothing to worry about.


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